1. Collect a donation amount in exchange for a Travel Card worth $200 in Real Savings on Hotels & Resorts.


2. When your donor uses the travel card and Saves $200, Good Life USA sends you a check for $100.. yes, you read that right; you receive another $100 when your donor uses their card and saves money on travel!


3. If that’s not enough..this little card will potentially keep giving.. and giving.. and giving. (Keep reading to get a grasp on the real power of the Good Life VIP Travel Card as a fundraiser!)




GOOD LIFE USA is a Discount Travel Club that offers it’s members wholesale discount savings – up to 50% off – on Travel, Vacation & Lifestyle Services including Cruises, Hotels & Resorts, Rental Cars, Theme Parks, Concert Tickets, Restaurants, Movies & much more!


Good Life GUARANTEES Lowest Prices with a 110% Lowest Price Match Guarantee on bookings at over 900,000 Hotels & Resorts Worldwide as well as many other travel related services.




Good Life’s Flagship Product is their $200 VIP CLUB CARD.

The VIP Club Card gives people $200 in savings on Hotel or Resorts for Free, while giving them an opportunity to see all the benefits that Good Life USA has to offer, once inside the Good Life portal. There is a generous compensation plan involved for IBO members who hand out these Club Cards, which is becoming known as “Revolutionary” in the Travel Business Industry and is getting our IBO members very excited!      Visit Good Life USA to learn more. 


 Here’s How the Good Life Club Card Benefits your Charity or Fundraiser:

You hand out the card to anyone who travels or takes vacations and You Receive 50% of what they SAVED by using Good Life’s state of the art travel services portal, as Earnings! That means when a person activates and uses a Good Life Travel Card to book a Hotel or Resort Stay and SAVES $200, Good Life USA will PAY You, your Charity or Fundraiser $100.00!

If you become an IBO member, you will be able to purchase the cards for just 20 cents each (pack of 100 for $20) and potentially turn those 100 cards into $1000 – $2000 of immediate funds ($10-$20 donation per card) and another $10,000 on the back end when the people who get the cards use them and save $200 on travel. Not bad for a $20 investment, and that is not where your income potential would end.. (More explained below.)

Now ask yourself.. How many people in your immediate circle travel for business or pleasure? How many people at your work travel or take vacations? How many people in your town travel? The volume of people who like or need to travel is almost endless! Whether people want the discount travel cards for traveling or vacations they are planning soon, or just to have in hand for future travel, it is a GREAT VALUE that they are getting for the small donation they are giving to your cause.

..but wait, there’s even more coming to you on the back end.. keep reading. You will be amazed once you come to understand this little Card’s FULL potential!


 Why do we think Giving Away $200 Good Life VIP Discount Travel Cards is the BEST Fundraising idea out there? (I know.. that is a BOLD Statement).. but take a look at the short Video below and after you understand the VALUE of what you will be GIVING AWAY and HOW MUCH YOU ARE BEING PAID for GIVING AWAY this Value, then decide if you Agree! 



The $200 Good Life V.I.P. Club Card may be one of the most powerful fundraising ideas to ever come along because..

It is a win / win situation for everyone involved! The card holder receives the best prices on hotels & resorts guaranteed and saves $200, while the charity or fundraiser receives 50% of what their savings were.

I believe you will realize that the $200 Good Life V.I.P. card is one of the best, if not THE best fundraising idea to ever come along.. and this is only the tip of the Iceberg in generating real income for your charity, believe it or not.. It goes deeper – there is more to earn, Exponentially actually! The more you learn about Good Life USA, we are confident you will believe, as many others do, that this is truly one of the greatest fundraising ideas of all time!

goodlife usaHow Does Good Life USA Offer the Best Travel Prices?

Have you ever wondered how online travel sites can give you discount pricing? How can Good Life USA beat the big guys in the discount game?

The first thing you need to know is that the Online Travel Agencies or OTAs get their inventory from travel consolidators. These prices are essentially the same in the wholesale travel & vacation marketplace. The OTAs then take the prices from this inventory, make a decision as to how much they want to mark up this inventory, then present these prices to the public. It is interesting to note that the majority of all OTAs are owned by 2 companies, Expedia and Priceline.


How is Good Life USA able to Give Better Prices to it’s members than other Online Travel Agencies are willing to give?

It is ingenious the way Good Life can pass along the best prices on travel that you can find on the internet. Unlike the big OTAs, Good Life USA doesn’t have a large, multi-million-dollar advertising budget. Because of their social networking business model, Good Life is reliant on it’s members to promote and share the benefits of the company with the world. Instead of advertising, Good Life’s “would be” advertising dollars are used for rewarding IBO members for spreading the word and sharing the benefits of our great discount travel club with others.

Also, because this is a members only travel membership club, Good Life USA generates revenue through enrollment fees and monthly membership fees, starting at as low as $11.95 per month. This allows Good Life USA to offer real wholesale prices because there is no mark up from the original prices offered by the consolidators.

As mentioned, Good Life USA also offers members an opportunity to become business partners with the company by enrolling as independent Business Owners (IBO’s). As an IBO, members can earn income by promoting and enrolling travel club members and other IBOs, while also being able to use the discount travel service to save on their own travel and other lifestyle products.


Here’s where it gets even more exciting…

When people receive a Travel Card from you, they have to go to the Good Life company site to activate and use the card. Once inside, they provide their email address and the company then sends them some friendly promotional emails once in a while, letting them know they can become either a Silver, Gold or Platinum Member to take advantage of the incredible savings and benefits of full membership, long term.. and when some of them do become members, you begin receiving monthly commissions on all of their monthly membership fees. You also receive a lump sum quick start bonus of $25, $50 or $100 depending on what level they came in at. Now.. Good Life also lets them know about the opportunity for them to become an IBO so they can give out travel discount cards and earn $100 when people save $200 like you did and when they do that, YOU make an additional $25 on the cards that are activated and used! Yes! You make $25 when someone you originally gave the card to becomes an IBO member and hands out a card to someone who saves $200! When that IBO member that you referred makes their $100 from the customer’s savings, you also make $25. This is for every card they give out that is activated and used. Think about this and let it sink in.. If you give out hundreds or thousands of cards, how many people will become long term members so they can keep getting travel and lifestyle benefits and savings long term? ..And how many of them might become IBOs like you and begin handing out cards themselves? Are you beginning to get the picture? Are you realizing how this can become exponential growth of income and long-term monthly residual income for you or your charity? Are you beginning to realize why we were able to make such a BOLD STATEMENT earlier that GOOD LIFE USA and the VIP Discount Travel Card GIVEAWAY may very well be THE BEST Fundraising Idea of all time?



It’s the Value Packed Card that you get to Give to people so they can Save Money, which also Keeps on Giving.. and Giving.. and Giving back to you! 




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Please contact me if you have any questions or need help getting started!


Mark Apalsch

Good Life USA Platinum IBO

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